Crowns & Kilts: The St. Briac Family, Collection Two - Kilts

Crowns & Kilts: The St. Briac Family, Collection Two - Kilts

Step back in time with Cynthia Wright and immerse yourself in a world of knights, castles, and Highlanders…where adventure, romance, and humor all conspire to weave tales you will never forget! Meet the St. Briac family and their friends in Crowns & Kilts: Collection Two – Kilts.

ABDUCTED AT THE ALTAR – Scotland & France, 1538 – In 16th century Scotland, a vibrant lass from the Isle of Skye crosses paths with a charismatic French outlander. Destiny beckons, but dark forces are conspiring to keep them apart…

RETURN OF THE LOST BRIDE – Scotland & France, 1540 – Proud Highlander Ciaran MacLeod is falling in love…with Violette, the plain lass he wed for convenience. But when the honor of his clan is at stake, will he put her aside for another?

QUEST OF THE HIGHLANDER – Scotland & England, 1541 – On a quest for his true identity, Lennox MacLeod meets beguiling tapestry weaver, Nora Brodie, at Stirling Castle. He helps her flee, but when truths are uncovered in Tudor London, can their budding love withstand the powerful winds of fate?

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