Her Impossible Husband

Her Impossible Husband

The St. Briac Family, Book 2

He was impossible! Yet utterly irresistible…
Renowned as a bold corsair and seducer of women, Justin St. Briac has spent the last decade as a married man. He adores his wife, Mouette, but as he ages, he chafes against the constraints of domestication and longs for another reckless adventure on the high seas.

Mouette Raveneau’s life among the London ton was in tatters when she fled to Cornwall and married Justin. Now, years later, she has an opportunity to return to Society and repair her broken reputation. For the sake of her adult son, Charles, she agrees…but what of her untamable pirate husband?

If the volatile Justin does accompany Mouette to London, is he capable of conforming to the haut ton’s rigid code of conduct? And when Mouette receives assistance from a caring nobleman, Justin burns to challenge his rival to a duel to the death.

Can these married lovers summon the courage to lower their defenses and pursue a deeper intimacy, or will they turn their backs and walk away for good?