The Duke and the Cowgirl

The Duke and the Cowgirl

Rogues Go West, Book 3

Impetuous, courageous Shelby Matthews moves to Cody, Wyoming to manage her father’s new ranch and plots an outrageous scheme to raise funds for improvements by playing poker.

Cynical Geoffrey Weston, Marquess of Sandhurst, arrives in Wyoming for one last adventure before he submits to an arranged marriage to save the family estates.

When Geoff steps off the train in Cody, Shelby thinks he’ll be an easy mark in her poker game.

However, he quickly wins half her ranch and has no intention of letting her out of the bet. It’s the beginning of a magical, impossible romance that takes the couple across the sea to England, where Shelby performs with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show and Geoff, now a Duke, wrestles with conflicts between duty and the painful longings of his heart.

Author’s note: Geoff is the look-alike descendant of Andrew Weston, Marquess of Sandhurst, in Of One Heart.

The Duke and the Cowgirl was originally published by Ballantine Books as Wildblossom.