The Beauvisage Family, Collection One

The Beauvisage Family, Collection One

Rakes & Rebels Series

Step back in time with Cynthia Wright and immerse yourself in a world of Rakes & Rebels… where adventure, romance, humor, and intrigue all conspire to weave tales you will never forget!

Meet the Beauvisage family and their friends in Rakes & Rebels: The Beauvisage Family Collection One

Stolen by a Pirate – Take to the high seas with Jean-Philippe Beauvisage as he plots to capture his lady ~ and win her heart of fragile stars. Stolen By A Pirate (previously published as Heart of Fragile Stars) is the novella-length prequel to Rescued by a Rogue. It originally appeared as part of the With Dreams Only of You collection.

Rescued by a Rogue – Philadelphia, 1783 – Major Alexandre Beauvisage is returning from the Revolutionary War when he discovers an injured female with no memory of her past. Against his better judgment, Alec takes Caro home with him to Philadelphia and quickly falls under the innocent foundling’s spell. (Formerly published as Caroline)