The Raveneau Family, Collection One

The Raveneau Family, Collection One

Rakes & Rebels Series

An Opening Duet to a series you’ll love!
Join André & Devon, the couple who launched the Raveneau Family series, from their long-ago meeting and stormy romance in SILVER STORM to the sequel, HER HUSBAND, THE RAKE, that takes readers inside their still-passionate marriage…

Dashing and dangerous Andre Raveneau is the Revolutionary War’s most reckless privateer captain when Devon Lindsay stows away aboard his ship after her Connecticut town is burned by the British. Raveneau sardonically agrees to deliver her to her childhood sweetheart in Virginia but doesn’t count on his own potent attraction to the enchanting, courageous Devon.  

“And they lived happily ever after…”   Or did they?
Can a rake like André Raveneau truly be tamed into a domesticated husband and father…or is he a pacing tiger, destined to break free of his cage?
Come into the Raveneaus’ Connecticut home, as Devon struggles to balance the needs of her little children with the demands of her restless, hot-blooded husband. When two people reappear from the past, St. Valentine’s Day becomes a time of reckoning for André and Devon Raveneau. 

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