The Raveneau Family, Collection Two

The Raveneau Family, Collection Two

Rakes & Rebels Series

Step back in time with Cynthia Wright and immerse yourself in a world of rakes and rebels…where adventure, romance, humor, and intrigue all conspire to weave tales you will never forget!

Meet the Raveneau family and their friends in Rakes & Rebels: The Raveneau Family, Collection Two:

SMUGGLER’S MOON – England, 1798 – When Julia Faircloth switches places with her sister at the altar to save her from the marriage bed of Lord Sebastian Trevarre, she doesn’t dream that they’ll live on a crumbling estate in Cornwall, or that Sebastian might resort to smuggling to restore his fortune. (Readers also reunite with André & Devon Raveneau, who face a surprising new turn in their lives.)

THE SECRET OF LOVE – England & France, 1808 – Lady Isabella Trevarre fell for rakish Gabriel St. Briac the first time she saw him. Now a grown woman, she’s more interested in pursuing her career as an artist than affairs of the heart. But when Gabriel’s historic masterpiece is stolen, Isabella is determined to help in the dangerous search…

SURRENDER THE STARS – England, 1814 – Lindsay and her parents, André & Devon Raveneau, go undercover in London, spying for America, joined by renegade sea captain Ryan Coleraine, in disguise as Lindsay’s brother. Forbidden passion mounts as they carry their masquerade to London’s Regency salons.