Stolen By A Pirate

Stolen By A Pirate

The Beauvisage Family, Book 1

A pirate and a high-born maiden, brought together by a legendary sword…

Dashing French pirate Jean-Philippe Beauvisage revels in a life of complete freedom … until the night at a ball in Georgian London, when a Russian beauty quietly steals his heart.

Heartbroken Antonia Varyshkova, who has lost her parents and her home in a St. Petersburg fire, stops in London en route to a new life with her brother in America. When her arrogant ship’s captain, Tobias Ormond, insists that she attend a ball with him, Antonia reluctantly agrees.

The instant connection between Jean-Philippe and Antonia is soul-deep, but it seems that there cannot be a future for them. She sails off to America and he returns to his corsair’s life at sea … until an ancient Roman sword which may be cursed forces Beauvisage to chase down the very ship carrying the woman he loves.

Take to the high seas with Jean-Philippe Beauvisage as he plots to capture his lady ~ and win her heart of fragile stars.

Stolen By A Pirate (previously published as Heart of Fragile Stars) is the novella-length prequel to Caroline (Rakes & Rebels, Book 2). It originally appeared as part of the With Dreams Only of You collection.

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